IT for Insurance

Information Technology is incredibly important for insurance agents and agencies of all sizes. Data breaches can result in ruined reputations, loss of money, loss of business, and can have seriously negative results for your customers.

Encryption: Many insurance agents have been mandated to encrypt sensitive business data to protect themselves and their customers, and with good reason. Encryption protects you, your company, and your customers from spyware, phishing, ransomware, and more. Our technicians will work with you to find the best encryption methods for you.

Ongoing Protection of Data: This goes beyond encryption, and includes strong passwords that are updated frequently, automatic log-outs, protecting outbound data, ongoing IT maintenance, updating software and hardware, educating employees on security, and so much more.

Implementation of New Technology: Many insurance companies use, and sometimes require, applications and software such as FileVault, Pocket Agent, BitLocker, VeraCrypt, IBM Mainframes, and other infrastructures and software that have to do with compliance, security, and administration management. Our technicians are knowledgeable with many different technologies that are often successfully used by insurance companies of all sizes.

Ease of Customer Use: According to a poll in 2016, only 15% of insurers were satisfied with their insurance company’s digital experience. As of 2018, 61% of customers prefer to monitor their application status with online tools. Let your customers know that you are at the cutting edge with your technology by showing them with your updated websites, plugins and software.

Preparing for the Future: Our technicians are constantly learning about the latest technologies in the insurance sector, as well as technologies that are thought to disrupt the industry down the line, such as Blockchain, digital engagement through lifestyle applications, automated claims management, and more.


If you have any questions about how Nerd Crossing can help you as an insurance agent or business owner, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with a free consultation, no strings attached.