The Importance of Encryption

Many companies with 1099 independent employees have recently mandated that business devices must be encrypted to safeguard customer and company data. Encrypting and protecting this data is imperative to keeping your business, customers and job safe. Even if the company you work for has not mandated this policy, what would happen if your work computer, laptop, phone, tablet, or storage device was stolen? What if your confidential customer data got into the wrong hands?


Nerd Crossing has helped hundreds of businesses with methods of encryption through FileVault, BitLocker, VeraCrypt, and several other programs. Our friendly IT technicians can securely encrypt your devices either at your place of business or remotely. We have years of experience working with businesses of all sizes in the Bay Area and have an abundance of top-rated testimonials.

While some encryption programs might seem intuitive to use at first, many of our customers have come across a multitude of problems through complications with different operating systems. Nerd Crossing can set up the encryption process so you (and your customers) can be at ease. If you haven’t yet encrypted your devices, have come across operating errors or just have questions about the encryption process, please feel free to contact Nerd Crossing. We can also give you a free technology consultation for your entire office!