IT for Healthcare

Properly-managed cybersecurity & information technology is critical to the medical field. HIPAA compliance needs to be deep-rooted in all aspects of your technology. To protect yourself, your company & your patients, use an information technology & cybersecurity firm that specializes in the medical industry.


A data breach could be devastating to your practice. Cybersecurity services include encryption, security audits, vulnerability scanning, security management, & more.

HIPAA Compliance

We specialize in HIPAA- compliant cloud services, security risk assessments, training, HITECH ACT, & more. We educate ourselves frequently in medical tech.

Disaster Recovery

Our technicians will assess your technology, create a HIPAA-compliant solution to help protect your data & business in case of a disaster, & then deploy it.

Cloud Services

It is now crucial for those in the medical field to utilize HIPAA-compliant cloud storage for their patients’ & administration’s data. We can help find the best cloud services for you.

Project Management

We help identify technological problems, provide researched solutions, implement risk management, & help medical facilities run smoothly & securely.

Onsite & Device Support

We can set up & maintain your computers, printers, servers, mobile devices, networks, & more so you can instead focus on your patients, not your tech.

IT for Healthcare

Healthcare networks are a prime target for cyberattacks.

From local hospitals to Emergency Medical Services providers, Nerd Crossing can safeguard your practice from ransomware, data theft, phishing, and insider threats.


Migrating to the Cloud

We can help migrate from on-site legacy systems and programs to cloud based medical record systems (EMRs, EHRs, and PHRs).

Giving access to the wrong individuals is a surefire way to compromise security. And since many healthcare projects involve multiple vendors, consultants, and employees. An internal policy simply isn’t enough.

iPads & Chromebooks

Access Management and Data Security

Since you can’t possibly supervise everyone, we’ll be your “eyes and ears” across the enterprise. No more costly surprises! With Nerd Crossing, you’ll get a custom-built IT infrastructure that delegates an appropriate level of access to all personnel.

Is your patient and business data backed up and encrypted? If not, even a simple incident could be a huge loss for your bottom line. Let the Nerds help you avoid data loss, prevent outages, and keep your customers happy with consistent uptime.

Security & Web Filtering

Disaster Prevention

Need advice on backups and disaster response plans? The Nerds help healthcare companies protect the integrity of company information with a 3-Step IT Roadmap. We’ll make sure that your systems are up and running — including booting redundancy by eliminating single points of failure. We can also set up technical compliance and regulatory safeguards in place to ensure that you’re always HIPAA-compliant. That means easy auditing, governance, and reporting while keeping your network agile and highly available.

Locking Down Systems

Mobile Device Management

(MDM) secures employee devices so that critical data is only used for approved purposes. This includes item-level encryption, endpoint security, geofencing, multi-factor-authentication, password management, remote wiping, and more! MDM is particularly applicable with EMS providers as their mobile workforce (e.g. drivers) use apps on iPads, Chromebooks or phones for dispatch and scheduling.

Locking Down Systems

Employee Training

Cyberattacks can happen to anyone. Give your employees peace of mind with training to secure your company data. Our custom privacy training can be provided on a one-time or recurring basis. Our cyber training covers how to handle personally identifiable information (PII) and accessing records securely. They’ll also learn how to avoid spam emails, ransomware, phishing, and more!

Why is Healthcare Cybersecurity Important?

Data breaches and system outages are no joke for healthcare professionals.

They disrupt your flow of business and puts your patient’s lives in the balance.

With a robust IT infrastructure, you can ensure that:

  • Providers can schedule appointments and make emergency visits at all times
  • Multiple specialists can coordinate and deliver care in real-time
  • Patients, families, and caregivers can play a more active role in medical decisions
  • Information about serious conditions gets shared earlier — reducing errors and cost of care
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HIPAA-Compliant IT Services

By keeping health records safe and secure, you will make sure all information is available when it’s needed.

And you’ll ensure that patients feel comfortable sharing information that can boost their quality of care and experience.

Here are some of the healthcare providers we serve:

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Acute, General Care, and Specialty Hospitals

Nursing Homes, Long-term Care Facilities, and Retirement Communities

Ambulatory Care Centers, Surgical Centers, and Outpatient Clinics

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)

Secure Your Healthcare Practice

IT for healthcare Nerd Crossing 031521

Cybersecurity Experts for Healthcare

Today, there are millions of ways a criminal can hack into your operational infrastructure.

What would happen if you and your patients were suddenly compromised?

Nerd Crossing has over ten years of experience helping healthcare organizations just like you stay safe and secure. 

Here are some of the ways we can help:

Secure communications infrastructure

Backups for patient data registries

Deploying IoT and telehealth solutions

Maintaining electronic medical record systems (EMRs, EHRs, and PHRs)

It’s time to upgrade your cybersecurity defense so that patient data and business secrets don’t fall into the wrong hands! 

Schedule a Cybersecurity Audit

Our Healthcare IT Support Offerings

Having an IT provider you can trust helps boost your quality of care and improves collaboration

between your doctors and specialists. It also allows your practice to respond more proactively

to emerging cyber threats. 

The Nerd Crossing Difference

Tired of cybersecurity plans that are just not a good fit for your business?

Our healthcare cybersecurity experts know exactly where threats are most likely to happen and how to stop them.

Give us a call at 510-275-3475 or email

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IT for Healthcare

Properly-managed cybersecurity & information technology is critical to the medical field. HIPAA compliance needs to be deep-rooted in all aspects ...

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