5 Million Gmail Accounts Hacked

It’s been a busy week for hackers! A group of hackers from Russia have been discovered to have stolen and published the passwords and associated emails of 5 MILLION Gmail, Yandex and Mal.ru accounts. Though it’s not clear how they hacked into the systems, it is most likely due to phishing and weak passwords, just like the celebrity iCloud hacking scandal that we previously wrote a blog about.

gmail hacked blog

To find out if your Gmail, Yandex or Mail.ru account has been published by the hackers, please go to this site: Is My Email Leaked? You can put in your email address and it will tell you if you’re one of the victims or not.

Google is recommending that you change your Gmail password, even if you were not hacked into. And remember, be wary of scammers! As always, if you have any questions about scammers, phishing, malware or anything tech or computer related, please contact the Nerds!