Tips for Keeping Your Computer Healthy

Whether you have a new computer or are running an older system, we wanted to share our tips for keeping your computer healthy. Here are some simple tips to help you keep your computer running as smoothly as possible.

tips for keeping your computer healthy

1. Tune Up Your PC

We recommend that you bring your computer in for an annual PC tune-up. To ensure that the computer runs smoothly, a PC tune-up defragments your files, removes unwanted programs and updates all essential programs like Java to ensure your computer is up to date.

2. Keep Your Computer Updated

It is important to install critical updates to ensure that your PC is up to date with the latest software. While some updates may be small and make little difference, there are also critical updates which can provide security and bug repairs. Updates can be configured to be deferred if you cannot update at that time.

3. Have an Active Anti-Virus Running

An efficient anti-virus is one of the most important and essential programs to have running on your PC. We recommend using ESET Internet Security Software because as an active anti-virus program, it is constantly working to protect you.

4. Do a Monthly Clean-Up

Each month, delete unwanted or unneeded files, photos, videos, and folders. Not only will cleaning up this clutter make your computer run faster, it will also make it easier to find the files you actually want to use. If there are files you want to keep but don’t need right away, consider putting them on an external hard drive to access in the future.

5. Delete Your Cookies

To do this, reset your internet browsers and clear your cache in the History browser. Make sure to check the box for cookies, site data and cached images/files. Cookies can cause many problems–they can allow spyware to infiltrate your computer, store user data and take up memory.

These are just a few examples of how you can keep your computer healthy. As always, if you have any questions about computers, please do not hesitate to contact us.