Technology Tips & Tricks

Almost daily, we provide our social media viewers with tips & tricks for technology and computer care. We’ve bundled up a few of them here, but please make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get your daily dose!

  • To clean your keyboard, use Post-it notes! Lightly press the sticky end down into the keyboard to pickup crumbs and dust.
  • You should have your computer cleaned more often than you think. Dependent on if you eat near your computer, smoke in the same building, have pets, etc., the average computer should be cleaned every 6 months.
  •  It’s really important to backup all of your files. Something unexpected could happen to your computer, so be prepared! Some good options are, Dropbox & Mozy.
  •  Make sure your email password very secure. Once someone breaks into your email, they can get your bank information by clicking “Forgot Password” and having that emailed.
  • To keep your eyes healthy while using your computer, consider purchasing an anti-glare screen for your computer and upgrade your display to LCD. This can tremendously help reduce eye strains.
  • Easily duplicate a file by pressing the Alt key while you drag it. Voila!


  • OSX: To quickly change the perameters of what you’d like to print (Page Setup), press Command + Shift + P.
  • iPhone: You can magnify your screen by double-tapping it with three fingers. Move around your screen by using your three fingers. To turn on the feature, go to Settings < Accessibility. Easy reading!


  • Windows: If you have a lot of files open & need to get to the desktop, simply press Windows + D and it will minimize all your screens.
  • Windows 8: Do a quick search through your apps by clicking Windows + F.
  • Windows: Quickly change the zoom of your screen by pressing the Windows key and the + or – key.
  • Want to see your computer screen on a larger monitor? Hook up your HDMI cable to your HDTV. Like Imax for your Excel sheets! (Also great for watching picture slideshows.)
  • Windows 8: Turn on your File History Backup so you won’t lose your work if you accidentally delete it from the recycle bin. Settings < Control Panels < Save backup copies of your files with File History”