Tackling IT Headaches for Charter Schools

Tackling IT Headaches for Charter Schools — Nerd Crossing Blog — 10.16.20

Keep Your Students Secure This School Year

Are you a teacher who is overwhelmed by having to be tech support and an educator at the same time? It’s hard enough getting your students to pay attention — much less use technologies you may have never used before.  

Across the country, millions of educators just like yourself are adjusting to the challenge of teaching remotely. And the Nerds at Nerd Crossing want you to know that you’re not alone. 

With over 25 years of experience helping educators, we can help you navigate this fundamental shift in teaching with ease. 

Why IT is Critical for Schools 

As a professional educator, you may be aware that the digital divide has gotten much worse during the pandemic. Studies show that students of color and young children are especially prone to falling behind.

The friendly experts at Nerd Crossing can address common problems you may be having right now — from wireless access to device updates.  

Is your Charter School Tech Savvy?  

  1. Can all teachers and administrators implement tech without connectivity issues? 
  2. Do you have an on-going plan to deploy devices to your students and to keep them updated?
  3. Do you have a 12-18 month IT and Cybersecurity Roadmap?
  4. Is funding readily available for necessary tech upgrades? 

If your answer is “no” to any of the above questions, your charter school might need an IT consult.  

Nerd Crossing Services for Educators 

Are new tech and personnel training not covered in your current budget? No worries! With Nerd Crossing, you can request a free one-time consultation to get your IT needs in order.  

Our IT for Schools Offers 

  1. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): Nerd Crossing helps schools maintain a secure BYOD policy that deters viruses from overloading the network. 
  2. Educational Apps and Software: Integrate the latest software for real-time student and parent collaboration, including RenWeb, Zoom, and much more. 
  3. iPads and Chromebooks: We manage mass rollouts of common devices for diverse remote learning needs. 
  4. Security and Web Filtering: Help students navigate the web without viewing unwanted content — while also preventing the theft of their personal records.  
  5. Locking Down Systems: Prepare for the unexpected with a clear protocol for shutting down networks and computers if necessary. 
  6. Reliable Wi-Fi: Ensure that students are always connected and prepared for remote learning. Eliminate dead zones and ensure uptime, allowing for maximum student and staff productivity.  
  7. Robust Infrastructure: Boost your technology stack for seamless office management and student services.  
  8. Data Storage: Manage data in the comfort of your home office, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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With Nerd Crossing, you don’t need to make a huge upfront investment or slow down operations at your charter school to get your IT and web needs in order. We’re here to help you grow and be successful! 

Contact the Nerds today if you are ready to start protecting your critical data and want to train your staff on the latest tactics to stay secure, wherever they are.  

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