Self Care for Small Business Owners 

By Jim Hammack 

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Busy holding things together at your small business? Don’t forget to take time off for you!

This year has been especially difficult, and you may have overwhelming worries about keeping the doors open while keeping yourself and your employees safe. No matter how you are coping, Nerd Crossing has a few tips which we hope will help you during these unprecedented times:  

Slow Down and Reclaim Space 

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The holidays are approaching, and we hope you block out some much-needed space to get re-energized for the next year. Guided meditation is a great option for you if you’re feeling especially disconnected from others. It can also reduce stress, tame anxious feelings, and even boost your creativity. 

Here are some of our favorite mediation apps: 

Invest in a Comfy Chair 

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Working from home indefinitely? A high-quality chair will help preserve your posture. The back has a natural curve, so choose one with lumbar and backrest adjustment options and an armrest that allows your shoulders to be relaxed.

Our favorite places to shop are Wayfair, Amazon, Staples, Target, and Overstock. 

Break Up Your Break Time 

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Has the 9-5 turned into a 12-hour workday? It may be hard to keep up with your regular break times, but they are crucial for your physical and mental health.   

If you simply can’t take a 30-minute lunch break, try breaking it up into two 15-minute walks around the block. You can even get creative with burpees, pushups, and other stationary exercises.  

Rest Your Eyes 

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Staring at a computer screen for too long can result in eye strain — resulting in soreness and even vision loss! To prevent yourself from increased sensitivity, you may want to consider the following:  

  • Purchase an anti-glare monitor and document holder 
  • Take breaks in-between computer sessions 
  • Adjust the lighting in your workspace 
  • Reduce the circulation of dry air with a humidifier 
  • Use an eye compress and artificial tears 

Maintain Healthy Eating Habits 

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Skip the sad desk lunch at home and try planning out your meals during the weekend or your off-days. Yes, this means actually taking a lunch break!

Sticking to a regular eating schedule will help you maintain consistent levels of energy throughout the day.  

 Below are some of our recommended apps for meal planning:  

Working from home shouldn’t make you feel like a workhorse. And as an entrepreneur, I’ve found that giving our bodies time to heal is just as important as being productive throughout the day. Take time to stop, breathe, and cherish the small moments! 

We hope that these tips help you navigate these challenging times with a clear mind and nourished spirit.