How to Use Zoom

With Zoom, you don’t need to sign into an account if you’re joining a meeting. All you have to do is download the application to your computer or phone, and click on the meeting link. Or, you can just call into the meeting without using the video chat or screen-sharing options.

If you’re setting up a meeting, you can create an account and share the link with those you want to attend. And… it’s free for a basic account!

To Join a Meeting (Macs, PCs, iPhones, Androids):

1. Download the Zoom app from their Download Center by clicking here
2. Click on the meeting invite link that was sent to you or…
2b. Copy the meeting ID#
3b. Open your Zoom app on your computer/phone and paste in the meeting ID#

To Join a Meeting (Over Telephone):

1. Jot down the teleconferencing phone number & the meeting ID# that was sent to you in the meeting invite
2. Dial the phone number provided
3. When prompted, enter the meeting ID#

To Schedule a Meeting & Invite Others:

1. Press the Create a Meeting button once you’ve logged into your Zoom account
2. Add the people you want to invite to the meeting
3. Schedule a time/day for the meeting
4. Choose options such as screen sharing capabilities, ability for others to call in via phone, ability to not have to sign in, etc.
Zoom has a great Support portal with instructional videos to help you communicate and connect with your customers, friends & family. To view their instructional videos, please click here.