BGC Alameda logo The Boys & Girls Club of Alameda was
established in 1958 as a Boys Club when a group
of parents, concerned about the lack of facilities
and activities for boys in the neighborhood,
pioneered the movement. In 1998, the Girls
Club joined forces with them to create the
Boys & Girls Club we know today.
Nerd Crossing is a proud supporter of
The American Foundation for Suicide
Prevention (AFSP)
is the leading national
not-for-profit organization exclusively
dedicated to understanding and preventing
suicide through research, education, and
through reaching out to people with mental
disorders and those impacted by suicide.
Nerd Crossing is a proud supporter of
We believe everyone should be able to
participate in programs they need,
regardless of their ability to pay full fees.
That's why the YMCA is open to everyone —
all ages, backgrounds, abilities and financial
circumstances. Financial assistance is
awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis
and is based on availability of funds.
Nerd Crossing is a proud supporter of
It is our hope that your visit to our website
will inform you about what the Bay Area
Rescue Mission is doing to provide real
help to the homeless and impoverished.
We hope this will be an uplifting exploration,
and that you will be motivated to join us in
Changing Lives for a Brighter Tomorrow.
Nerd Crossing is a proud supporter of
Giving back to local Bay Area communities is at the core of Nerd Crossing’s belief system. We strive to strengthen the neighborhoods in which we do business and proudly support our communities through volunteer service, in-kind donations and sponsorships. Our Founder/Chief Nerd is actively involved with the local and regional Boys & Girls Club movement and encourages all team members to give back in a meaningful way that inspires them and those in need. If you are interested in applying for an in-kind donation or sponsorship for a special event, please submit a request.