IT for AEC Firms

Need to Level Up Cybersecurity Readiness?

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms are prime targets for cybercriminals.

Do you have what it takes to recover when a security breach happens?

Access Management

Giving access to the wrong individuals is a surefire way to compromise security. And since many AEC projects involve multiple vendors, consultants, and employees. And an internal policy is not enough. Since you can’t possibly supervise everyone, we’ll be your “eyes and ears” across the enterprise.

No more costly surprises! With Nerd Crossing, you’ll get a custom-built IT infrastructure that delegates an appropriate level of access to all personnel.

Data Security 

Is your business data backed up and encrypted? If not, even a simple incident could be a huge loss for your bottom line. Let the Nerds help you avoid data loss, prevent outages, and keep your customers happy with consistent uptime.

Disaster Prevention

Need advice on backups and disaster response plans? We help AEC firms protect the integrity of company information with a 3-Step IT Roadmap. We can also set up technical compliance and regulatory safeguards in place. That means easy auditing, governance, and reporting while keeping your network agile and highly available.

Mobile Device Management

(MDM) secures employee devices so that critical data is only used for approved purposes. This includes item-level encryption, endpoint security, geofencing, multi-factor-authentication, password management, remote wiping, and more

Employee Training

Cyberattacks can happen to anyone. Give your employees, contractors, and vendors peace of mind with training to secure your company data. Our custom privacy training can be provided on a one-time or recurring basis. Our cyber training covers how to handle personally identifiable information (PII) and accessing records securely. They’ll also learn how to avoid spam emails, ransomware, phishing, and more!

Client Training

Are your clients truly cyber aware? Your building management and enterprise systems can harbor major risks. Keep those controls and automated features safe with our client risk-management training. They’ll learn basic cybersecurity best practices such as credential management, safe data storage, and isolating potential threats with an incident response plan (IRP).

Easy Reports

Want to get more out of your security insights? Our easy to read client reports are simple and actionable. And you’ll get hands-on tips from our cybersecurity experts for extra-tough issues. We’ll help you avoid over-spending on unnecessary features and save money on what matters most to safeguard your business.

How Cyber-Resilient is Your Business?

Today, architects, engineers, and builders are increasingly adopting Internet of Things (IoT) technology to manage the operational aspects of critical infrastructure. But with more customer data and business-critical information on the cloud, the larger the potential for cyberattacks.

Think of your HVAC systems, commercial and industrial complexes, private facilities, and operations. What would happen if you and your customers were suddenly compromised?

Secure Your Company

Managed IT Services for Architects, Engineers, and Construction

Nerd Crossing has over ten years of experience helping AEC companies just like you stay safe and secure. We’ll get your employees set up for remote collaboration without compromising vital assets.

It’s time to upgrade your cybersecurity defense so that your business secrets don’t fall into the wrong hands!
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The Nerd Crossing Difference

Tired of cybersecurity plans that are just not a good fit for your business?

Our AEC cybersecurity experts know exactly where threats are most likely to happen and how to stop them.

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