Running a Sale

Putting items on sale is a very simple process in WooCommerce. Simply go to the product edit page and enter a figure in the ‘Sale price’ box (and click ‘Update Product’):

Sale Price

This immediately puts the item on sale. How this appears depends on your theme – on ours it add a sale icon, the normal price is scored out and the sale price is displayed alongside:

Item on sale

To remove an item from sale is just a matter of deleting the sale price on the edit product page (leaving the box blank) and saving the product.

Scheduling a sale

This is also very simple. Simply click the ‘Schedule’ link to the right of the ‘Sale price’ box:

Sale price - schedule link

This will display two extra boxes where a start and end date can be added:

Schedule dates

As the info box states, the sale price will start at 0:00:00 on the start date and at ends at 23:59:59 on the end date.

Further options

What if you wanted to run a lunchtime sale? What if you wanted to see a list of all the items scheduled for a particular period? What if you wanted to rerun a sale without manually adjusting all the individual products? Nerd Crossing can offer customizations that can make these tasks possible. Get in touch if these or any other WordPress/WooCommerce features would be useful to you.