The WordPress Dashboard

When you sign in the default view is the WordPress dashboard.

To be honest, there is often little of interest on this page. Some plugins have facts and figures summaries here, but going to the plugin page is normally more useful for that data.

There is a black bar at the top of the page called the “Admin Bar”. The content on this bar will vary depending on what page you are on and what plugins are installed.

Admin bar

The bar will also display when you are viewing the normal website pages whilst you are signed in, giving easy access to certain functions such as ‘edit page’.

NERD TIP: when making content changes have the page you are working on open in a private browser window, that way you can view it without the black bar which can sometimes distort the content.

The WordPress dashboard
Main WordPress menu

On the left side of the dashboard is the main WordPress menu giving you access to all sorts of items. Many you’ll never have to deal with – they are primarily there for setting up the website which Nerd Crossing will have done for you.

The items in the menu will vary depending on what Plugins are installed and what extras Nerd Crossing has built for you.

Hovering over many of the items will display a sub menu with additional items.

The two most common items you will access in the menu will probably be “Posts” and “Pages”.