Signing in to WordPress

To be able to do anything to your website you have to sign in to the WordPress admin area.

You should have received an email when your user account was created allowed you to create a password and sign in. If you did not get this check your spam folder as they often go there!

WordPress signing in form
log in url

Log in URL

Navigate to the website log in page. This is normally your website address followed by /wp-login.php (ie.

It is a good idea to bookmark this page in your browser for easy access in the future (but see tip below!)

NERD TIP: you can also access the admin area via any of the admin area urls (a common one is /wp-admin/) which will redirect you to the login page then display the admin page you want, so this many be a more useful page to bookmark!

NERD SECURITY TIP: WordPress sites are the target of many hacking attacks and the standardized login page makes them an easy target. Nerd Crossing can change the URL of the login page making it harder for the automated scripts that crawl the web to try and gain access to your website.

Forgot you password?

If you cannot remember your password then simply click the link. You will be taken to another page where you enter your email address (or username) and if you are a registered user you will be sent an email. Click the link in the email then reset your password.

NERD TIP: these reset emails often to spam folders, so check there if you do not see it in a few minutes.

NERD SECURITY TIP: An automatically generated password is often created for you which meets the highest standards and it is advised that this is used. They are not the easiest to remember but will make your website much more secure.

Lost Password
Auto generated password