Adding an Image

To add an image in Elementor simply drag the image icon from the left element menu to the position on the page you want the image to be:

drag image icon

A placeholder image will be inserted, and the left menu change to the image controls:

placeholder image

Now we can select the image we want to insert. In the image controls hover over the placeholder image and a ‘Choose Image’ option will appear

choose image

Selecting this will bring up the standard WordPress ‘Insert Media’ controls. Using the tabs at the top we can either upload a new image or select a previously uploaded one from the Media Library:

Insert media

Once the image is selected ensure ‘Alt Text’ is added if appropriate and then click ‘Insert Media’.

The image will now show on the page. We can use the controls in the content tab to change the default size of the image, change the alignment, and add a caption or a link:

image on page

By clicking the ‘Style’ tab we make available a range of controls that can alter the styling of how the image is displayed:

image style options

The third tab ‘Advanced’ tab gives us further controls such as adding a margin or padding around the image:

image advanced controls

Editing an existing image

If we want to swap or edit an existing image we just need to click on the image and the image controls will appear on the left. When we hover over the image a pencil icon will appear, right clicking on this will give us additional options such as delete and duplicate:

edit option

To switch an image for another once it is selected just click the ‘choose image’ option and pick a new image:

switch image

Once you have made all your changes make sure you click the ‘Update’ button:

elementor update button