WordPress Plugins

With plugins you can add many extras to WordPress.


If you want to add a contact form, an image slider, fancy testimonials or even an e-commerce store then plugins are a common and easy way to achieve this.

default plugin selection

When Nerd Crossing crafts your website we hand select the best plugins to create the ultimate experience for the user on both the front and back end. We have a handful of plugins we add to every website for security and backups.

NERD TIP: Each plugin you add creates more code required for every page load and can slow down how fast the page loads for the viewer and can adversely affect your SEO. It increases maintenance as every one needs regular updating and they increase the size and time of backups. Many plugins are designed for the casual WordPress user without coding skills – Nerd Crossing can often create alternatives to plugins.

plugin update available

NERD SECURITY TIP: Plugins can often provide “back doors” for hackers to access a WordPress website. Always use a well known plugin with good reviews and many users. Speak to Nerd Crossing who can advise you about the best one to use. The plugin itself should also be actively maintained by the plugin creator (by making updates available) and the version used on the website updated when needed. This is as simple as clicking the “Update Now” link.

Before updating plugins a backup should be made. Occasionally the revised plugin code will break things. If you have a Nerd Crossing maintenance package we check for required plugin updates once a week as well as taking care of backups and making sure everything is running smoothly.

Plugin Tutorials

How to add a WordPress plugin
How to remove a WordPress plugin