Find the edit page

Whether you want to edit an existing page, post, or custom post type – the process of getting to the edit page so that you can edit the content is the same.

In the left menu go to the “All xxxx” page for what you want to edit (i.e. “All Pages”, “All Posts” etc.). This will display a list of the available pages or posts.

If you have a lot of these they will be listed over several pages. You can sort the list by certain fields – clicking on “Date” would sort them by date which would make finding newly added pages easy to access.

There is also a search box in which you would type the title (or part of the title) of the page you want to edit.

all pages

Once you find the page you want to edit, when you hover over it options will appear under the title, and we click on “Edit”.

One other handy way of getting to the edit page is if you are viewing your WordPress website while you are signed in, the admin bar will appear at the top of the page.

On this admin bar should be an “Edit Page” or “Edit Post” option, clicking on this link will take you to the edit page.

Admin Bar edit option