WordPress Block Columns

Placing your content in columns is easy in the WordPress Block Editor.

In the block menu select ‘Columns’ from the design section:

Column block

You will then be presented with options for how you want your columns to look. Don’t worry if you haven’t fully decided, or don’t see the selection you want, you can adjust these settings later:

Column choice

We’ve selected two columns for this tutorial, and we can now add content to each column by clicking the plus signs then selecting which block we would like to add:

Two empty columns

With our content added, anytime we click on a block in the column it will show it is in a column by displaying the column icon on the left:

Column icon

We can also click on that column icon to select the whole column. The column block controls allow is to change things like the colors of that column. To the left of the column toolbar (above the column) is the columns icon:

One column selected

Clicking the columns icon allows us to work with all columns. It is in here that we can alter the number of columns, and control how they appear on smaller devices. By default they will stack, our two column arrangement will become one when viewed on a cellphone.

All Columns selected

One other handy tip for using columns – and we can do this for an individual column or all columns together – is this control for where the content in the columns will appear vertically:

Vertical alignment