Adding / Changing Website Logo

The top part of your website is known as the ‘header’, it normally contains a logo and main menu and will normally be the same on every page.

To add or change the logo, in the left menu select ‘Customize’ under ‘Appearance’:

Customize in menu

The ‘Customize’ menu will appear, which allows editing of many sitewide settings for your WordPress website. The controls for the logo in the header are in the ‘Site Identity’ section:


In the ‘Site Identity’ section we will see a preview of the front page. This will show the content, but none of the styling that is used when you view the website normally.

On the left is a side menu of controls. We need to click on the ‘Select Logo’ option:


Select Logo option

The standard file upload is then used to upload or select an existing image. Be sure to describe the image in the ‘Alt Text’ box, then click ‘Select and crop’:


select and crop

The next screen will be for cropping, assuming that the image you upload was the correct shape you can select ‘Skip cropping’:


skip cropping

You will now go back to the customize / site identity page, with the logo showing on the page preview. To save this click ‘Publish’, and to return to WP Admin click the close icon on the top left.

If you want to change the logo select the ‘Change logo’ option: