Add a new WordPress Page or Post

Add new hover optionIf you would like to add a new page or post to your WordPress website then hover over the item you would like to add in the left menu and a submenu will appear. On this you can click “Add New”.

Other add new optionsIf you are already on the page or post page then there are two options on how to add a new item – either the “Add New” button at the top of the page or the “Add New” menu that will now be displayed on the left menu.

Publish buttonWhen you create a page it is initially a “Draft” page that will not be seen by the public until it is in “Publish” mode.

As you work on the page you can click “Save draft” as you work on it and also “Preview” to see what the page actually looks like on the website.

When you are ready to go live you can click the “Publish” button.

switch to draftIf you accidentally publish the page before it is ready there will be a “Switch to Draft” option.