The toolbar is the area at the very top of every page on your website.

Screenshot of website page with the toolbar area identified

There are three editable sections within it:

  1. Contact details
  2. Menu items
  3. Social media links

Contact Details

The first items on the toolbar are your contact details.

Screenshot of the website toolbar area with the contact detail section highlighted.
Screenshot of the main WordPress admin menu with the "Club Details" item highlighted.

In the main admin menu select “Club Details”

Screenshot of the Club Details settings page with the Contact Details section highlighted.

In the “Contact Details” section of the “Club Details” settings page are four text boxes where you can set:

  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Google Map Link

All are optional, leave the boxes empty if you do not want anything to be shown.

Note that these will also change the same fields in the footer.

Google Map Link: if you would like your address to be a link that leads to an external site (it does not have to be google!) that shows your location, put the full url in this box.

After you have made changes click the ‘Save Details” button at the bottom of the page.

The toolbar contains a mini menu for displaying links that you always want to be visible:

Screenshot of toolbar with the menu items highlighted

Take care when altering these – if the menu gets too wide it can negatively affect how the toolbar looks on different sizes of screens.

Screenshot of the WordPress admin area with "Appearance" and "Menus" highlighted

In the WordPress admin area hover over “Appearance” and select “Menus” in the submenu that appears.

Screenshot of the Menus admin page with "Edit Menus" tab, "Toolbar Menu" in the dropdown menu and the "Select" button highlighted

On the menu page ensure that the “Edit Menus” tab is selected. There are several menus and we want to edit the “Toolbar Menu”.

If it is not already selected choose it in the dropdown menu and click the “Select” button.

The menu items can then edited in the same way as the main menu.

The toolbar contains the Facebook and LinkedIn icons.

Screenshot of website toolbar area with the social media icons highlighted.
Screenshot of the Club Details settings page with the Social Media section highlighted.

These links can be edited on the “Social Media” section of the “Club Details” page.

They are optional – if you do not want the icons to show leave the field blank.

These are also used for the social media link on the website footer.

After you make changes click the ‘Save Details” button to save the changes.