The Importance of Data Backups

We can’t stress enough how much data backups are crucial for businesses of all sizes. Data is often considered the most important element for small to medium enterprises. And there’s no doubt that it’s an absolute necessity for enterprise corporations. Protecting your data is not only protecting your company’s past, present and future, it is protecting your customers’ as well. There are so many ways that companies can lose data, so it’s important to always have backups of all information.

data backups

All Data is a Target

Many company owners believe that nobody would want to maliciously target their company because they are a [dentist, candy shop owner, etc.] All data is vulnerable to threats. These threats are very rarely “personal,” though it certainly feels that way. They are designed to gain as much access as possible. No matter how small your business is, keep in mind that 43% of cybersecurity attacks target small businesses, so all data should be considered a target.

Other Failures Occur Too

48% of data breaches are caused by malicious intent, while the rest are due to human error and/or system failure. Even if your company is not a target, you should always back up your data in case of human error, computer failures and software glitches. Think of how many times your computer crashed before you could save that spreadsheet, or you couldn’t recover that email from Sharon in H.R.

Downtime is Expensive

Even if you have a top-notch IT department or on-call IT company, there are times when it may take them a while to get access to your data. That downtime costs you money. If you are in the business of helping others, that could cost your clients money as well. For example, what if you have a data breach during tax season as a CPA? Customers want access to their information 24/7, and if you cannot provide that for them, they may start looking for a new business service provider. And not only that, if your employees are on salary and are waiting around for your systems to get back up, that is money being thrown out the door. With a data backup recovery plan, your IT department can quickly recover your data and get your systems up and running again shortly.

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