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Think Local First – Nerd Crossing is your local alternative to big chain stores in the Bay Area. We offer honest, friendly PC and Mac computer repair, computer help and IT support for personal computer issues. Whether you need a virus removal and PC tune-up or would like a personalized training session on how to operate your new computer, the Nerds are here to help. We provide friendly in-home and remote computer support to help alleviate your computer problems. Need a quick PC fix, tech support or laptop repair? Call the Nerds! We were voted “Small Business of the Year” in 2014 by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce!

Nerd Crossing offers a wide variety of tech services — from data backup and virus removal to setting up software on your PC or Mac. We even offer training sessions so you can learn how to use your computer at home!

****FREE ESTIMATES**** We come to your home or business! Call today 888-NERD-XING or 510-730-4900.

    Virus & Spyware Removal + PC Tune-Up
    Install and run tools to tune and optimize
    computer. Includes virus and spyware removal,
    repairing registry entries, and removing
    unnecessary programs and trialware. ($169)

    PC Setup
    – Operating system and software must already be installed.
    – Basic – one computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and one peripheral. Install one software title. ($129)
    – Advanced & Setup one computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and up to three peripherals. Connect computer to an already existing network. Configure two software titles. Install antivirus and antispyware software. ($199)
    – Add data transfer/import up to 32GB ($99). Data >32GB ($159)

    – Wireless, home network, LANs, DSL, network devices.
    – Troubleshoot and repair existing network & includes basic maintenance and fixing network connections ($99)
    – Wireless setup, configure and secure new router. ($99)
    – Adding devices (computers, printers, etc) to existing network. ($69/device)
    – Home network setup & setup and configure wireless or standard network. Add up to three devices, including router. ($169)
    – Enable file sharing. ($69)

    Backup & Data Transfer
    – Setup and configure online backups. ($99)
    – Backup computer. Includes software, configuration and instructions. External drive not included. ($159)
    – Data transfer/import up to 32GB ($99). Data >32GB ($159)

    Computer training customized to your needs – how to set up e-mail, import music into your computer/iPod, download/scan photos, protect yourself from viruses, etc. ($99/hour, one hour increments, one hour minimum)

      Data Recovery
      – Remove hard drive from a non-functioning PC and recover data, if possible. ($199)

      – Setup and configure one e-mail account. Demonstrate basics of e-mail (send/receive messages, view/download photos, account management, etc.). ($69)
      – Troubleshoot e-mail problems. ($99/hour in & hour increments)

      Install Hardware
      – Install and configure one internal or external PC hardware component (i.e. printer, scanner, memory, hard drive, etc.). ($69)

      Install Software
      – Install, configure or update one software title. ($69)
      – Install Windows Service Pack. ($69)
      – Repair Windows & using Windows Repair, no reinstall ($99)
      – Reformat and reinstall Windows & no data saved ($169)

      Technology Consultation
      – Review, recommend and help order (if applicable) new software and hardware. ($99/hour)
      – Small businesses and non-profits (please contact account manager)

        – General troubleshooting ($99/hour in 1 hour increments)

        Small Business Support
        – Please contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your technology needs. We look forward to becoming your technology support service.

        Service Plans
        – Monthly, quarterly, annual. Unlimited calls to support center.

        Remote Support
        – One-time, monthly, quarterly, annual