The Dangers of Smart TVs

the dangers of smart tvs
There are many reasons to have a smart TV in your home--whether it's easy access to your favorite streaming sites, being able to browse the internet on a large screen or just playing your favorite games. However, with every great invention comes great consequences. Many people are starting to become aware of (and angry about) the fact that governments, hackers and companies have the ability to spy on us through our devices. This is true and scary. But there are even more reasons to be wary of your smart TV.
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Wearable Technology

wearable technology blog
Wearable technology had a big year in 2015. Fitbits, Apple Watches and Samsung’s Gear 2 are just three heavy contenders fighting to be wrapped around your wrist. While most of these smart watches monitor your heart rate, how many steps you’ve taken and alert you of your exercise goals, you can also send voice to text messages and emails through Gear 2 and Apple Watch, among others.
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‘Tis the Season for Identity Fraud

identity fraud blog
Happy holidays! This season, spend time with loved ones, be merry and check your financial statements regularly. Many fraud prevention companies will be looking at identity fraud with a new lens this upcoming year. With the introduction of chip and pin cards, it will be harder for fraudulent in-person purchases to be made. However, it is estimated that there will be much more online identity theft.
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