Part-Time Administrative/ Customer Service Assistant

Join our growing tech company in the East Bay! Nerd Crossing is seeking an honest, experienced part-time administrative assistant/customer service specialist who will report to the Operations Manager to serve our growing residential and small business clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to provide honest, high quality technology services and we are looking to hire team members who believe that we can truly make a difference, one computer at a time. Please forward a resume and cover letter describing why you would be a great fit for our expanding company.
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The Importance of Data Backups

data backups walnut creek
We can't stress enough how much data backups are crucial for businesses of all sizes. Data is often considered the most important element for small to medium enterprises. And there's no doubt that it's an absolute necessity for enterprise corporations. Protecting your data is not only protecting your company's past, present and future, it is protecting your customers' as well. There are so many ways that companies can lose data, so it's important to always have backups of all information.
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