How to Keep Your Business Safe from Extortion Malware

If you have used our residential services for a virus removal, then you probably know that we prefer ESET over other malware and virus prevention software. While not all virus and malware prevention software is 100% secure, we feel that ESET is better than most. ESET just released this helpful PDF on how to keep your business safe from extortion malware. Please protect yourself and read the following:
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How to Avoid Windows 10

how to avoid windows 10
The age old question: How to Avoid Windows 10? The window for the free Windows 10 upgrade is set to close on July 29. That means Windows has been pushier than ever about getting users to upgrade. Many people who have upgraded to 10 have expressed a multitude of complaints, from loss of free storage space and frustration over its illogical design to sheer lack of privacy.
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