How to Protect Your Kids Online

The Internet: It’s fun, full of information, and ensures that parents are constantly living in fear. Remember the good old days when you sat on the carpet in front of the TV and your parents didn’t have to worry about it filling your head with adult thoughts? Today, children have access to the entire world via the internet. At home, at school, even on phones. So how do you protect your little ones from the dark arts
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Congrats to our Nerdy Gadget Contest Winner!

This was the shortest lasting contest we have had! Minutes after we posted the Nerdy Gadget photo from our office to our Twitter feed responded with the correct answer. We asked Nerds and Nerd fans what the following relics were. The first to respond with the correct answer won an I <3 Nerds t-shirt. Congratulations, Artur! 
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How to Back Up Your Data

Treat your computer as though you’re a dancer at a hip hop concert. Back it up. There are hundreds of reasons why you might lose your files. You could have a virus, a hacker, your computer could be too dusty. While there are ways of preventing these, you should also have a plan B, and that’s data backup.
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Summer Mega Mixer – 7/16!

We're looking forward to tomorrow's great event -- the Summer Mega Mixer with several chamber of commerce members from Crockett, Hercules, Rodeo, El Sobrante, Martinez, Pinole, Richmond, and the Hispanic Chamber of Contra Costa! Join us from 5:30-7:30pm at The Old Homestead in Crockett, CA. The event is free and there will be food tastings, a no host bar and tons of raffle prizes!
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Shout-out from Chevron Richmond

Nerd Crossing Computer Services was featured in the latest issue of Chevron’s Richmond Today! We are so thrilled to be your go-to computer repair shop in Richmond and look forward to serving the community further. If you would like to participate in any of the nonprofits and community organizations we assist, please do not hesitate[…]

Signs You’ve Been Hacked

To start this off, it’s important to note that if you do discover any of the following signs, you should contact Nerd Crossing immediately. Being hacked is serious business and it could cost you big time. Your computer could break, costing you all your files. Your bank account could be wiped out. Your personal information could be sold online. We’ve discussed how to protect yourself from malware and viruses (link), but here is how you can actually tell if your computer has been hijacked. 
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Have a Nerdy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! The offices of Nerd Crossing Computer Services will be closed on Friday, 7/4 and Saturday 7/5 so we can celebrate with fireworks and BBQs. We’ll also be keeping the party going next week on our Facebook and Twitter pages with a new Caption This Contest, so stay tuned! And in case you[…]

Have a Nerdy Summer!

Summer is finally here. Cowabunga! The warm sun, the soft sand, all the ice cream you want (it’s hot out, OKAY??), and… no school! With all that free time, why not take in your computer in for a virus removal and PC tune-up? We’ll wipe away all that nasty malware so your computer is as clear[…]